TheAnswerPage is...

Daily education for medical professionals

TheAnswerPage was launched in 1998 to provide daily education to doctors in training and in practice.

Today, physicians, nurses and all healthcare professionals will find TheAnswerPage an effective way to review core knowledge and new developments in their fields while learning the latest evidence-based practice.


Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who have registered and purchased course credits can record their study results as follows: read a syllabus topic and then complete an industry-unique crossword. Our patent pending technology provides an interactive crossword puzzle coupled with a teaching and study method.

Alternatively a conventional multiple-choice quiz is also available.

High quality

Content is prepared by selected clinical faculty members highly regarded for their teaching expertise. The questions and answers provided are all peer-reviewed and referenced from current texts and recent journals.


A doctor from Massachusetts states, TheAnswerPage is a "fantastic way to stimulate critical thinking in a condensed fashion for our time-squeezed busy lives!" By routinely spending just a few minutes a day, you get a comprehensive review of core knowledge and cutting edge clinical care issues.

The TAP database stores and organizes each user's recorded study and allows users to easily download, email, or print course certificates at any time.

Global and growing

TheAnswerPage is read in 120 countries. Major US and international universities link to TheAnswerPage as an educational resource.